What is a Network Bypass Switch

A Network Bypass Switch is a hardware device, which provides failover or fail-safe capabilities for an inline networking appliance or a network security tool (such as a firewall or an intrusion prevention system). If the appliance fails, its traffic is automatically bypassed, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow on the network.
Diagram explaining what is a  Network Bypass Switch and how it protects a network

Bypass² - Niagara Network Bypass

The BypassP² product line encompasses all of Niagara’s Bypass Switches. Our signature BypassP² offers double-protection bypass technology. A failsafe optical/copper relay on network ports, and user-configurable heartbeat-generated packets on appliance ports. BypassP² is available in multiple bypass segment options, supporting a range of network interfaces up to 100Gb. Each BypassP² segment comprises two network ports and two appliance ports.

All products based on BypassP² can be user-configured as active taps as well.