What is a Network Visibility Controller (NVC)?

Network management for the visibility layer is a critical mechanism for Information security and IT professionals to enable them to locate, isolate, and implement network visibility solutions for performance and network security related issues. In today's fast-paced, digital-first ecosystem, complete visibility is vital in maintaining control of your network and eliminating (or at least minimizing) blind spots and system downtime.

Lacking a dedicated visibility layer, you will only be able to react to data security issues (after the fact) instead of addressing them before they become a serious network problem. Network management for the visibility layer is an essential network visibility tool for empowering your IT’s network awareness in real-time, and facilitating any relevant responses should the need arise.

The pro-active management mechanism should address the following two primary concerns:

  1. Enable a comprehensive 360° network visibility (on your visibility layer)
  2. Enable simple and intuitive configuration of the network nodes for optimal traffic management

Niagara’s Visibility Controller - bringing visibility to your network

Niagara Visibility Controller (NVC) is an Enterprise-wide unified manager for network visibility. Whether you are an administrator looking for an overview of all of your visibility nodes (network packet brokers, network taps, network bypasses) for your virtual data center, or an engineer studying the configuration details, the key to addressing the evolving and dynamic needs of the network visibility layer is best described as being seamless.

360° Visibility and Centralized Management

Even networks with the most advanced hardware and technology can be vulnerable without effective overall management. As you expand your network and the number of visibility nodes in your network architecture increases, it becomes paramount to obtain total situation awareness of your visibility layer. This increase is the result of the growing pervasiveness of network visibility and the move from single-device solutions to multi-device solutions and from single-site deployments to multi-site deployments. For virtual data centers and other environments, managing each device individually via its dedicated device GUI becomes inefficient.

Take note also of system reconfiguration, upgrades, and replacement (or addition or retirement) of nodes and devices. Keeping tabs on any changes in general, is a headache, but when you add to this the mission-critical nature of knowing that each node or device is in fact operational and functioning as required - this adds more weight to the need for a resilient yet flexible and adaptable centralized network management controller.

The NVC provides network professionals with a powerful tool to quickly and seamlessly navigate their network and manage visibility via a centralized platform with the following proven functionality:

- Visibility Groups - Logical containers of visibility elements tailored to your needs

- Topology and Navigation - A 360° view of the network connectivity to single element view

- Granularity - Topology of port status, configurations, and device schematics

This three-layered integrated approach enables seamless management of your visibility layer no matter how many nodes you have or what type they are.