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Major Telecommunications Provider Selects Niagara Networks for Critical High-Performance, Intelligent Traffic Delivery Platform to Network Security Solution

September 17, 2019

Trigger-Based-Policy-Empowered, Multi-Purpose Network Packet Broker Key to Visibility with High Availability and Intelligent Failover of Complex Network Security.

San Jose, CA - ​​​Niagara Networks, the Open Visibility Platform pioneer, today announced that a major telecommunications provider has selected its N2 Series network packet broker multi-purpose visibility node to deploy next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDPS) in tandem. Together the network appliances will provide 800 Gbps throughput of sustained traffic while load-balancing and ensuring stateful failover should an adverse condition affect the appliance, next-generation firewalls (NGFW) or IDPS. The provider selected the N2 Series because of its versatility in combining 100Gb bypass and packet broker modules in a small footprint, its flexibility in detecting and configuring complex traffic triggers and policy actions and its compelling ROI and price point.

“The selection of the Niagara appliances underscores the trustworthiness and uniqueness of our products and technology in a critical deployment and demanding setting,” said Yigal Amram, Vice President of Business Development and Sales Engineering at Niagara Networks. “The N2 modular multi-purpose visibility node plays a vital role in ensuring the highest levels of reliability while empowering some of the most advanced security standards and technologies available.”

The intelligent policy-triggered capabilities of the N2 modular multi-purpose visibility node enables the provider to monitor and trigger actions involving the status and state of the NGFW and IDPS systems. Trigger-based policy capabilities include traffic-steering, load balancing, routing traffic via different ports, deactivating links, performing fail-over of traffic, and more.

The N2 modular multi-purpose visibility node features Niagara’s Open Visibility Platform, which utilizes its Packetron™ to host best-of-breed applications while delivering an intelligence-driven visibility layer. Open Visibility Platform is the only solution to offer network visibility and agility for security and network performance monitoring by marrying the best of switching fabric speed and functionality with scalable, high-end intelligent processing. In this case, the telecommunications provider has the ability to deploy any additional specialized security, performance monitoring or networking solutions with ready access to intelligently delivered traffic. Hosted solutions may be proprietary or ones used on-demand for audits, compliance and troubleshooting.

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Niagara Networks pioneered the Open Visibility Platform to easily provide on-demand, optimized intelligent network solutions. Its high-performance network visibility and traffic delivery solutions enable the seamless operation of security, performance management and network monitoring solutions. A former division of Interface Masters, Niagara Networks provides all the building blocks for an advanced Visibility Layer at all data rates up to 100Gb, including taps, bypass elements, packet brokers and a unified management layer. Thanks to its integrated in-house capabilities and tailor-made development cycle, Niagara Networks is agile in responding to market trends and in meeting the customized needs of service providers, enterprise, data centers, and government agencies.