ExtraHop, Cisco, and Niagara Networks Integrate to Enhance Threat Detection Visibility

In today's threat landscape, it's more important than ever to have a comprehensive threat detection solution with enhanced visibility. ExtraHop, Cisco, and Niagara Networks offer a powerful integration that can help you to see threats across your network and take action to mitigate them.

Endace and Niagara Networks Partner to Provide Superior Network Visibility

The combination of the two technologies gives NetOps and SecOps teams the confidence to quickly investigate and resolve even the most complex incidents in physical and cloud environments.


"We consider this association with Niagara Networks' suite of products extremely potential with increased cyber-security transactions and needs in the Indian context more so in the last two years. Niagara Networks hybrid and multi-functional visibility products help businesses to achieve end-to-end visibility with increased security quotient that empower actionable traffic intelligence across the network without compromising on speed, reliability, and seamless performance." – said Rajesh Kumar, Vice President Business Technology Unit, Inflow Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Malware business in India is thriving and Covid pandemic has a role to play

Security experts analyzing the reasons for India become vulnerable to malware cyber-attacks during the pandemic.

Rethinking SIEM requires rethinking visibility

Security professionals now generally recognize that siloed security tools and systems have undercut efforts to find active attacks more quickly and efficiently.

DojoLive! Podcast - The Network Visibility Journey

Take a listen to our CEO and VP of Marketing, as they sit in with the DojoLive! podcast to discuss the network visibility journey

The Cybersecurity Coin And The Deep Visibility Lens

Visibility is the lifeblood of intelligence and control, but obtaining it requires you to incorporate sophisticated design and implementation for the dynamic battlefield of cybersecurity.

Niagara Networks Wins CyberSecured 2020 Award for Enterprise Security

Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform™ Recognized for Bringing Agility to Security Teams with Deep Network Visibility and Fast Deployment of Tools.

Agile Security for Today’s Remote Work Environments

Expect the unexpected is perhaps one of the many would-be mottos fit for today’s security groups.

Inside The Sweeps Podcast - Netsweeper and Niagara Networks Joint Solution

Take a listen to how Niagara Networks and Netsweeper join forces to solve challenges with unprecedented agile integration in a unified high-performance platform to enable full packet visibility and content control for carrier-grade environments.

The three challenges of network tool sprawl and how to solve them

Many organizations contend with a jungle of cabling and connectors to get components connected in the right way, and managing this becomes increasingly difficult. This dynamic produces three distinct problems

Growth Of The API Economy Requires IT Operational Flexibility

Like other things facing companies today, API traffic is both a security and networking issue. Zeev Draer sits with Forbes to discuss how to overcome these issues

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast - Agile Security in Remote Working Environments

The rapid move to remote working has left many businesses ever more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Learn how to defend your team with Zeev Draer, Niagara Networks VP of Marketing, as he sits down on The Tech Talks Daily podcast

Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast

Take a listen to our VP of Marketing, Zeev Draer, as he sits in with the Brilliance Security Magazine podcast to discuss shoring up security in a WFH (Work From Home) world

WEBINAR - Close the API security gap

Watch our on-demand webinar with L7 Defense where we discuss the current security gap in API resolution and take a deeper look at how the joint Niagara Networks - L7 solution provides you the tools and operational ability to overcome this challenge

Private, unlicensed 5G mobile network adoption may intensify NetOps and SecOps challenges

Zeev Draer talks about the challenges NetOps and SecOps teams will face with private, unlicensed 5G mobile networks | Can NetOps and SecOps Finally Get Along?

Zeev Draer discusses the collaboration and synergy between NetOps and SecOps

Tech Arabia featuring Niagara Networks' new announcement


Marred by garbage: Striking a balance for security data

Zeev Draer discusses how to properly police your network data in this article

Channel Futures featuring Niagara Networks' new channel program

Niagara Networks Targets North America with Expanded Partner Program

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Network Tool Sprawl: Enabling Flexibility While Managing Chaos. By Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products

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Optimizing The Delicate Balance Between Networking And Security

eWeek magazine featuring Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform Innovation

Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform Brings Network, SecOps Together

The G2M Research Endpoint Security Newsletter March 2020 featuring Niagara Networks

Niagara Networks: Packet Broker and Packet Recording for Organizations That Need “All The Data”.

Rethinking Network Performance and Internal Security

Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, discusses the importance of achieving a balance between network performance and effective security in organizations.

Niagara Networks Provides Open Visibility Platform

Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform empowers advanced network security, network monitoring and performance management solutions with intelligent traffic delivery and an unconstrained environment to host any virtualized application.

Network Visibility Rightsizing

Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, discusses how metadata addresses the challenge of getting the right data from the right traffic faced by security, network performance, and management applications.

Niagara Networks and L7 Defense team up for API security

The L7 Defense application Ammune API Defense will run on Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform in an effort to bring security to API communications.

Ensure Maximum Uptime for Even the Highest-Traffic Networks

LTE networks are growing, and traditional networks are expanding. How Can organizations keep LTE data centers at optimum, always-on working condition?

What Is A Next-Generation Firewall And Why Do We Need It?

Reinforcing your network so it can defend itself from and head off increasingly malicious cyberthreats requires ever more powerful, yet flexible, security architectures.

SDNs – Increased Visibility for Large-scale Networks

Data centers, their network needs, demands on their resources, and the number of physical and virtual access points are increasing significantly, and your network managers are having trouble keeping up.

‘Prevention is better than a cure’ – Network security expert

Yoram Ehrlich, VP of Products, Niagara Networks, discusses why prevention is better than cure when it comes to network security.

Niagara Networks’ Network Packet Broker Modularity Addressing Network Growth

The N2 modular NPB solution allows for easy upgrades of hardware, software, and functionality within the same unit. The number of ports can be increased, as can the volume of traffic the device can handle for both out-of-band monitoring and in-line security deployments.

Layer X: the visibility layer

Network traffic has always been important, and increasing complexity is reinforcing the fact. Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, explains the role of Network Packet Brokers in virtual switching fabric.