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Rethinking Network Performance and Internal Security

Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, discusses the importance of achieving a balance between network performance and effective security in organizations.

Layer X: the visibility layer

Network traffic has always been important, and increasing complexity is reinforcing the fact. Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, explains the role of Network Packet Brokers in virtual switching fabric.

Niagara Networks Provides Open Visibility Platform

Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform empowers advanced network security, network monitoring and performance management solutions with intelligent traffic delivery and an unconstrained environment to host any virtualized application.

Niagara Networks’ Network Packet Broker Modularity Addressing Network Growth

The N2 modular NPB solution allows for easy upgrades of hardware, software, and functionality within the same unit. The number of ports can be increased, as can the volume of traffic the device can handle for both out-of-band monitoring and in-line security deployments.

Niagara Networks and L7 Defense team up for API security

The L7 Defense application Ammune API Defense will run on Niagara Networks' Open Visibility Platform in an effort to bring security to API communications.

What Is A Next-Generation Firewall And Why Do We Need It?

Reinforcing your network so it can defend itself from and head off increasingly malicious cyberthreats requires ever more powerful, yet flexible, security architectures.

‘Prevention is better than a cure’ – Network security expert

Yoram Ehrlich, VP of Products, Niagara Networks, discusses why prevention is better than cure when it comes to network security.

Ensure Maximum Uptime for Even the Highest-Traffic Networks

LTE networks are growing, and traditional networks are expanding. How Can organizations keep LTE data centers at optimum, always-on working condition?

Network Visibility Rightsizing

Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks, discusses how metadata addresses the challenge of getting the right data from the right traffic faced by security, network performance, and management applications.

SDNs – Increased Visibility for Large-scale Networks

Data centers, their network needs, demands on their resources, and the number of physical and virtual access points are increasing significantly, and your network managers are having trouble keeping up.