The Ultimate Solution for Hybrid Cloud Observability: Cloud Intelligence Platform

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses are embracing the benefits of hybrid cloud environments. However, as these environments become more complex, it's essential to have a comprehensive view of network traffic across your entire infrastructure - on-prem, private cloud, and public cloud environments. That's where cloud packet brokers come in. A cloud packet broker is a virtual networking Cloud Intelligence Platform (CIP)  that aggregates, processes, filters network packets, and ingests intelligent metadata, allowing you to see the data and metadata that matters most - specifically, in cloud-native environments. With the help of cloud packet brokers, you can achieve hybrid cloud visibility, providing you with critical insights into network performance observability, security, and compliance across on-prem, private cloud, and public clouds.

CIP abstract


Multi-purpose solution for East-West and North-South Deployments combining physical and virtual infrastructure