Quarterly Newsletter

We have accelerated our strategic partnerships and channel programs

As we close the fourth quarter and enter 2024, at Niagara Networks, we have accelerated our strategic partnerships and channel programs that will fuel our future growth.  We are grateful to all our partners and customers for their contribution to our global expansion and look forward to a great 2024.

The summer season was filled with excitement and progress in our strategic goals.

We formed partnerships, established technology alliances, and introduced groundbreaking visibility solutions for cloud native environments. Our advancements deliver comprehensive packet data visibility across on-prem, private, and hybrid cloud environments, with seamless packet data collection, inspection, and processing for security and monitoring teams. We have selected significant updates to provide valuable information and education.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates. Don't miss our latest webinars.

The first half of 2023 is right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited to share our latest updates and achievements with you. Get ready for an insightful webinar that we've placed at the top of our agenda, just before the summer break!

We are increasing our technology collaborations and enhancing our visibility solutions for the healthcare industry.

During this quarter, we at Niagara Networks have intensified our involvement in the healthcare sector. Our visibility solutions have been successfully deployed in numerous major healthcare organizations across the United States, providing comprehensive visibility across all digital assets.

What a busy and exciting year!

In 2022, we have done the heavy lifting of developing the next-generation product lines and have developed strategic technology alliances and channel programs that are expanding every day which will fuel our growth at a much faster rate in the future. 

Our customer-driven visibility solutions continue to lead the industry and serve our customers

We continue to empower NetSecOps with ultimate flexibility, high performance, and carrier-class high availability to serve and secure their organizational digital assets by enabling simplified deployment as a single modular hybrid platform with low TCO. 

We continue to lead, innovate and deliver customer-driven solutions deployed in mission-critical infrastructure.

We were busy in the second quarter of 2022 with our new expansion of the Bypass solution, the powerful collaboration with Fortinent, and much more. Be sure to check out our Q2 newsletter!

Our innovation continues to serve NetSec Operations and enable them to cope better with security threats across high-performance networks

We continue to execute and expand our technology alliance activity to enable the best network visibility solution in the market. 

"The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another"

This year is different by all means. It’s the landmark of optimism that paves the way to a successful journey. The famous quote of Alexander Graham Bell resonates perfectly with Niagara Networks 2021 milestones. We are proud of everything we've accomplished together.

The ICT industry continues to transform the world to a new norm of digitalization and creates an uncompromised requirement for network visibility

The rapid change started in 2020, continues to accelerate and spread horizontally across any sector with more dependencies on high-performance networks with bigger than ever security requirements for advanced visibility solutions as we develop for our customers.

Niagara Networks won a third industry security award this year for the Open Visibility Platform

More headlines in the industry for Niagara Networks - we won a third industry security award this year for our Open Visibility Platform in the Network Security category. Read more of our latest news.

A new year with a new milestone of extending visibility to mobile networks

In the first quarter of 2021, Niagara launched mobile visibility powered by subscriber-aware intelligence to mobile networks integrated into the network packet broker offering.

Newsletter 2020 Q4 and an annual 2020 roundup

In a challenging year that was literally a rollercoaster to the world, we kept our optimistic vision to stay in normality, be better humans, and operate at our best to overcome any barriers and stay winners. 


Throughout the summer, we didn’t rest on our laurels and we continued our diligent activity, keeping a strong momentum backed by a very talented team. Be sure to check out the latest insightful news!

Welcoming in Spring and Summer with New Partnerships

Niagara welcomes new partners Allegro Packets & Flowmon Networks and is happy to announce some updates to our partner's programs. Be sure to check out the latest on our software release and our news mentions from across the globe. 

Global Crisis Can't Stop the Most Advanced Network Visibility Solution

The first quarter of 2020 was quite a whirlwind around the world, but we were happy to join forces with Fortinet. We were also pleased to release a new blog and content across our website.