Scale Up Your Security and Monitoring Tools

Network migration to 100Gb introduces a new series of challenges: From managing a higher traffic network capacity volume to migrating your existing security services and handling more complex security needs. All of these must be addressed to ensure a successful migration. You will need a network packet broker (NPB) that grants you the visibility and flexibility to make this happen. 

A good NPB will let you:

  • Easily and efficiently add and administer multiple security solution devices, while reducing operating expenses and downtime.
  • Benefit from cost-optimized security solution devices, while lowering the overall upfront cost of the migration and ultimately improving ROI. 

Niagara network packet brokers (NPB) enables network capacity increase to 100Gb

The migration to a 100Gb link is completed and the legacy inline
security appliances are processing up to 10Gbps of traffic each.