Our Flagship Solution that Empowers Intend-based Visibility

The N2 modular network packet broker product series provides a single multi-purpose platform that covers the entire spectrum of  visibility adaptation scenarios.

The N2 series can be populated with a wide range of high-density, high-versatility, processor-accelerated modules.  It supports capabilities and features including network tap, bypass, packet broker and packet processing open visibility applications.

This modular design supports advanced FabricFlow™ technology that provides intent-based method of defining traffic flow relationships between cross connect interfaces.

FabricFlow™  integrates with highly sophisticated intelligent policy-triggered actions to be undertaken based on the status and state of the connected tools. Trigger-based policy capabilities include traffic-steering, load balancing, routing traffic via different ports, deactivating links, performing fail-over of traffic, and more.


N2 hybrid

N2 Series: All-in-One "Swiss Army Knife" Solution

NN Tap round


integrated passive tap module: Consists of integrated passive taps (copper or fiber). The module includes integrated passive splitters where users can specify the network/monitor split ratio to satisfy their deployment needs. Also includes integrated transceiver on all ports, bringing the traffic to the non-blocking switching fabric backplane for use by any of the other modules. Users can attach as many monitoring appliances as required by combining an iPassive module with an iBroker module.
NN Bypass round


integrated bypass module: Consists of bypass segment(s) of 2 network ports and 2 appliance ports. Double-protection bypass technology offers a built-in failsafe optical or copper relay on network ports and user-configurable heartbeat-generated packets on the appliance ports, so that appliance failure can be automatically detected. The module also includes integrated transceivers on all network ports, bringing the traffic to the non-blocking switching fabric backplane for use by any of the other modules.
NN Broker round


integrated network packet broker module: Consists of input/output ports that are connected to the non-blocking switching fabric backplane. By connecting to the backplane, the input ports that serve the network side can be used by any of the other modules. The output ports that serve the tool/appliance side can be connected in monitor or inline deployments.

N2 Series Modular Visibility Node Each slot can occupy 1x 100G, 4x 40G or 8x 1G/10G links
In addition to Packet Broker ports, the N2 series support TAP, Bypass and Advanced processing modules.
The N2 series is available in both a 1U and 2U form factor

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