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At the opening of each year, there are many new industry trends and predictions. We can name a few, but we would like to set a spotlight on an essential building block of mobile connectivity in the overall technology puzzle, that expands and drives connectivity everywhere, and across all types of applications. Specifically, there is an imperative need to enable mobile subscriber-aware intelligence for mobile operators to establish and maintain, quality of user experience and security across all types of their networks. As part of our strategy, we have partnered with Rohde and Schwarz to address a new mobile visibility solution that's highlighted in this newsletter.

We’re glad as always to present you with our latest updates and milestones, and Q1 2021 had plenty of them that we’ve summed up for you in our quarterly newsletter.

Enjoy and keep safe! 

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Extending Visibility to Mobile Networks

Niagara Networks launched mobile visibility powered by subscriber-aware Intelligence to mobile networks integrated into the network packet broker offerings. We partnered with Rohde and Schwarz to address security, performance, and specialized application challenges in mobile networks.

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A leading bank in North America selected Niagara Networks

One of the top ten largest banks and financial services companies in North America selected Niagara Networks solutions to achieve the highest standards of security for dozens of their data centers deployed globally. As a leading bank, they needed top security to combat the relentless threats and attack environment along with the speed and agility needed to provide frictionless transactions and information exchange.

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Visibility is a key factor when it comes to network security and performance regardless of the size or complexity of the network. Niagara Networks' NVC solution provides network operation teams with a powerful point-and-click graphical tool to quickly and seamlessly provision and manage visibility infrastructure via a centralized SDN orchestration platform.

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The energy industry is increasingly prone to various cyberattacks as its Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA systems are targeted as part of cyberwarfare that can disrupt operations and create national wide outages effects with respect to power grids, chemicals, oil, gas, and any other critical resources.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of attacks on ICS infrastructure has increased dramatically and accelerated the need for extended cybersecurity strategy within the organization which can cope with attacks' agility.

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PCI Compliance – What is it, why is it needed and who needs to comply?

As the online purchases we make continues to drastically increase in volume (especially in the midst of a pandemic with countries in lockdown) so does the amount of credit card data stolen. If your organization deals with people’s personal data, then compliance to regulations is paramount and not an option and this is where Niagara Networks' network intelligence set of tools can help...

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A brand-new year and cybersecurity defense thoughts

In 2021, we witness the technological advances, twenty-plus billion connected devices, and the unstoppable quest for a smarter, greener, and sustainable future. Our trust (do we have a choice?) in our mastery over machines and control of the Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) is taken for granted and often time a fleeting illusion.

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Agile Security for Today’s Remote Work Environments

Expect the unexpected is perhaps one of the many would-be mottos fit for today’s security groups.

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Niagara Networks Wins CyberSecured 2020 Award for Enterprise Security

Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform™ Recognized for Bringing Agility to Security Teams with Deep Network Visibility and Fast Deployment of Tools

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