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Niagara Networks Releases SSL/TLS Decryption Platform

February 28, 2019

San Jose, California – 28 February 2019 – Niagara Networks, the leading network and security visibility provider, has introduced the SSL/TLS Decryption Engine to its Packetron-based open architecture solution.

Many network security and monitoring applications do not have visibility into encrypted traffic and therefore cannot inspect the traffic contents. Security and monitoring applications with embedded SS/TLS decryption technology can’t keep pace with the high demands of high-throughput environments. This creates dangerous gaps in corporate defenses or results in partial network visibility.

Using Niagara Networks’ SSL/TLS decryption engine accelerates performance of cybersecurity threat detection. The SSL/TLS engine, which supports multiple SSL and TLS versions including TLS 1.3, is able to dynamically detect and decrypt encrypted web, emails, messaging, DNS, and files – which are collected from interfaces ranging from 1GbE up to 100GbE.

Niagara’s SSL/TLS decryption platform is able to send the decrypted traffic to multiple security appliances, introducing significant performance and efficiency benefits rather than having each tool perform its own TLS decryption independently.

Niagara’s SSL/TLS decryption engine resides inside the N2-series modular, multipurpose visibility node, which offers enhanced flexibility in optimizing the SSL/TLS decryption and maximizing use of computational resources. Niagara’s SSL/TLS platform can receive aggregated traffic from multiple sources, replicate decrypted traffic, or load balance decrypted traffic to multiple security tools for improved security service redundancy and lower cost of deployment.

“The open architecture allows cyber security applications or other custom applications to be deployed on Packetron modules as part of the SSL/TLS decryption platform,” says Yoram Ehrlich, Vice President of Products at Niagara Networks. “This powerful combination enhances the efficiency of both the decryption platform and the on-board resident security application, delivering a cyber threat detection multiplier.”

Niagara’s SSL/TLS decryption platform supports multiple types of deployment – passive out-of-band, active out-of-band, and active inline. Integrating directly into the Packetron modular system ensures that enterprises can easily and cost-effectively scale capacity and performance to meet their decryption and security needs.

For pricing and availability of the SSL/TLS Decryption Platform, contact Niagara’s sales team at

Niagara Networks will be demonstrating the capabilities of the SSL/TLS Decryption Platform and the Open Architecture Packetron at the RSA Conference, March 4-8, North Expo, Booth #4221.


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