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Niagara Networks Provides Open Visibility Platform to Flexibly Deploy Advanced Network Security, Monitoring and Performance Management with Intelligent Traffic Delivery

December 11, 2019

Unconstrained Network Packet Broker Environment Hosts Any Virtualized Application and Delivers Critical Network Visibility with Flexible Deployment Hub

San Jose, CA - Niagara Networks today announced the availability of its Open Visibility Platform (OVP) to empower advanced network security, network monitoring and performance management solutions with intelligent traffic delivery and a completely open, unconstrained environment to host any virtualized application. Because the OVP meets stringent demands for the core networking reliability, scalability and performance required by networking teams, it enables agility and flexibility by providing a deployment hub to host multiple security and networking solutions in any logical sequence and offload each with pre-processed network traffic.

“Today’s networks are beset with simultaneous challenges from two sides,” said Ben Askarinam, Founder and CEO, Niagara Networks, Niagara Networks. “On the one hand, escalating complexity and sophistication of security threats and data breach realities require organizations to carefully examine internal network traffic to curtail attackers that have successfully penetrated perimeter controls or insiders who may have gone rogue. On the other hand, increasing user data, connectivity and innovative digital initiatives create ever-changing network conditions and make application of security and performance tools ever more challenging and complex. The Open Visibility Platform enables simplified deployment of the best applications with the right traffic.”

Opening Up Visibility - Freedom to Choose

Network packet brokers have evolved from their traditional role of rule-based traffic forwarding to become next generation devices that provide a limited offering of processing functions that can be applied on the traffic before forwarding to the connected network tools. Niagara Networks changes the dynamic with OVP which enables organizations to host any third-party solution of their choosing. Even “home-grown” proprietary and “black box” solutions can be deployed. The platform also enables on-demand or ad-hoc solutions, such as those needed for specialized troubleshooting, testing or audits conducted by independent consultants.

The Open Visibility Platform provides intelligent delivery of precisely the right network traffic, delivered in the right way, having already performed the often performance-intensive utility processing functions, such as TLS decryption, de-duplication, IPFIX data extraction and data masking. These utility functions offload the task from individual solutions to enable them to focus on their own specialized tasks unencumbered by utility functions. The platform can make use of a model of “process-once, provide many” when multiple solutions need the same treatment for traffic.

Managing Tool Sprawl and Satisfying the Networking/Security Schism 

With rapid changes to both solutions and requirements, organizations have been faced with a proliferation of tools that vie for a limited number of ports from networking components, limited rack space and extensive restrictions or lengthy approval processes placed on deploying new solutions. Now, the OVP can serve as a primary deployment hub in the network, reducing deployment cost and time. The platform is built to meet the most stringent requirements for performance, scalability, reliability and availability.

The Open Visibility Platform offers full scalability and can accommodate nearly an unlimited number of solutions and manage any logical sequential chaining and rule-based flow, including implementing if/then parameters. Traffic can be managed according to policies to meet compliance and security requirements. Full reporting and dashboard monitoring ensure a seamless operation.


Niagara Networks provides its Open Visibility Platform by combining a high-performance fixed or modular multipurpose Network Packet Broker (NPB) with its Packetron packet processor acceleration hardware module for hosting applications and providing utility functions.

The Open Visibility Platform is immediately available.

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About Niagara Networks

Niagara Networks pioneered the Open Visibility Platform to easily provide on demand, optimized intelligent network solutions. Its high performance network visibility and traffic delivery solutions enable the seamless operation of security, performance management and network monitoring solutions. A former division of Interface Masters, Niagara Networks provides all the building blocks for an advanced Visibility Layer at all data rates up to 100Gb, including taps, bypass elements, packet brokers and a unified management layer. Thanks to its integrated in-house capabilities and tailor-made development cycle, Niagara Networks are agile in responding to market trends and in meeting the customized needs of service providers, enterprise, data centers, and government agencies.