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Niagara Networks and L7 Defense Bring Zero Trust Security to APIs

July 22, 2019

Companies Form Technology Partnership to a Secure Enterprise APIs and Close Loopholes for Network Attacks.

San Jose, CA – Niagara Networks, the Open Visibility Platform pioneer, and L7 Defense, a cutting-edge cyber security vendor, today announced that they have formed a partnership to bring Zero Trust security to API communication running across an organization’s network. The L7 Defense application runs directly on Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform which provides it full access to network traffic. The Open Visibility Platform offers enterprises, for the first time, on-demand deep cyber defense into their visibility layer.

Ammune™ API Defense by L7 Defense monitors and evaluates the risk of requests made through an API exchange regardless of their identity or source, establishing a dynamic Zero Trust model adapted to the transient nature of APIs and North-South or East-West traffic flows. The L7 Defense solution utilizes unsupervised machine learning to determine anomalous behaviors within API communication.

The Open Visibility Platform from Niagara Networks utilizes its Packetron™ powered Network Packet Broker and hosts best-of-breed applications to create an intelligence-driven visibility layer. Open Visibility Platform is the only solution to offer network visibility and agility for security and network performance monitoring by marrying the best of switching fabric speed and functionality with scalable, high-end intelligent processing. This unique joint solution
ensures full packet visibility integrated with L7 Defense, providing automated mitigation response against API-based vulnerabilities and ensuring a more efficient and simplified security infrastructure.

“Unprotected APIs have been an open loophole for attackers to gain a foothold in a network and carry out an attack by having a conduit for undetected command and control communication, exfiltration or the use of the API for reconnaissance or lateral movement,” said Yisrael Gross, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at L7 Defense. “This exciting partnership with Niagara Networks offers a critical cyber security foundation providing customers with a new level of visibility, transparency and management.”

Ammune’s API Defense involves three key capabilities:

  • Discover - Auto-discovery of the web, mobile and API-based applications that provide the potential attacking surface for API attacks.
  • Detect - Auto-detection of outliers in API behavior using the Ammune multi-profile model, which is adapted to protect from the main attack-category threats.
  • Defend - Ammune™ can be installed in-line for proactive responses or in a monitoring mode to alert security organizations to take action.

“We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with L7 Defense and help address a critical security gap,” said Yigal Amram, Vice President of Business Development and Sales Engineering at Niagara Networks. “L7 Defense joins a growing list of partners who see the new paradigm offered by our Open Visibility Platforms, to offer customers a new advanced and flexible security posture.”

The Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform and Ammune API Defense are both immediately available from both companies. For more information, please see

For pricing and availability contact Niagara Networks sales team at

About L7 Defense

L7 Defense is an Israeli cyber security company that was founded in 2015 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, with deep scientific, technological and business experience. L7 Defense DDoS mitigation Ammune™ platform was recognized among the most promising DDoS mitigation platforms 2016 by the CIO Review magazine. The company was also recognized as a Key innovator company by Markets and Markets and received the TIE50 top start-up award. Most recently it was awarded “2018 Global Anti-DDoS for Critical National Infrastructure New Product Innovation Award” by Frost & Sullivan.

About Niagara Networks

Niagara Networks pioneered the Open Visibility Platform to easily provide on demand, optimized intelligent network solutions. Its high performance network visibility and traffic
delivery solutions enable the seamless operation of security, performance management and network monitoring solutions. A former division of Interface Masters, Niagara Networks provides all the building blocks for an advanced Visibility Layer at all data rates up to 100Gb, including taps, bypass elements, packet brokers and a unified management layer. Thanks to its integrated in-house capabilities and tailor-made development cycle, Niagara Networks is agile in responding to market trends and in meeting the customized needs of service providers, enterprise, data centers and government agencies.