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Niagara Networks Announces Major Win in the Cable Industry

February 9, 2017
SAN JOSE, CA – Niagara Networks, a leader in Network Visibility Industry, announced a multi-million dollar sale with a Tier 1 Service Provider. One of the top three MSOs in the USA committed to Niagara Networks and purchased over $3M worth of Network Packet Brokers to provide better visibility and secure their customers’ traffic.
Niagara Networks product line is based on the new, second-generation packet broker series, N2. The N2 series boasts a modular design and can be populated with a wide range of high-density, high versatility and processor accelerated modules for advanced capabilities and features.
While the large Telcos, MSOs and Enterprises spend heavily to ensure the quality and security of their network traffic, Niagara Networks has secured several wins. “We are a fast growing company and the latest success attests to our growing presence as a respected competitor in the Network Visibility Industry. We will continue to strengthen partnerships and grow our position in the market", said Shay Morag, VP of Sales and Marketing.
“Next generation networks require sophistication of services; moreover, these next generation networks are not monolithic and often involve both the need for multiple data interface types and the need to address various network architectures with significantly more visibility connection points than previously,” stated Yoram Ehrlich, Director of Products for Niagara Networks. “Our ability to combine 100G fail-safe bypass modules with high-density advanced packet broker modules in an all-in-one compact, integrated and modular form, offer an attractive cost effective solution for evolving customers’ needs.”
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