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Niagara Networks debuts industry record for in-line cybersecurity protection

June 15, 2022

New Model Combines High-Performance, Flexibility, Carrier-Class High Availability and Intelligent Failover for In-line Cybersecurity tools

San Jose, California- June 15, 2022Niagara Networks, the Open Visibility Platform pioneer, today announced that Niagara Networks' 3808E multifunctional Hybrid Packet Broker solution supports one of the highest 40/100Gb segment densities available on the market today. The solution increases dramatically operational efficiency and the high availability of complex inline cybersecurity tools. 

Network and service uptime is a highly critical attribute in any modern organization looking for business continuity planning across strategic points of data centers, headquarters, and the edge of the network. Niagara Networks' carrier-grade bypass solution is deployed globally in large and complex networks and ensures inline cybersecurity tool efficiency. It makes sure that data packets are not lost, and all the essential data traffic continues to travel smoothly over the network, even when inline cybersecurity devices need to be replaced, rebooted, or removed due to failure or for maintenance.

"We continue to lead, innovate and deliver customer-driven solutions that are deployed in mission-critical infrastructure," said Ben Askarinam, CEO and founder, of Niagara Networks. "Our new expansion of the Bypass solution empowers the cybersecurity infrastructure and sustainable business continuity in a modern digital era." 

Niagara Networks solution enables NetSecOps:

  • Design carrier-grade always-on inline security stack in a complex multi-vendor scenario
  • 400% higher density of bypass segments per single rack space for 40/100Gb networks versus other alternatives
  • Simplified deployment as a single modular hybrid platform with low TCO 
  • Pay-as-you go economical model with a modular solution that offers a hybrid packet broker, bypass, and TAP for all interface speeds 1/10/25/40/100Gb
  • Automation of fail-safe scenarios via REST API for unconstrained network security architecture

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