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Niagara Networks and Telchemy Forge Partnership to Empower in-depth Network Visibility and Performance Monitoring for Unified Communications

January 17, 2023

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Niagara Networks™, a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneers the award-winning Open Visibility Platform™, announced today that the Next-Generation visibility platforms are now enabled with enhanced deep network visibility and agility by embedding Telchemy's SQprobe® within the packet broker, providing a real-time traffic feed to accelerate unified communications' analysis and troubleshooting. Telchemy's SQprobe and SQmediator, together with Niagara's Open Visibility Platform, enable organizations to record live voice and video traffic anywhere in the network, analyze performance in real-time, and proactively detect, diagnose, as well as rectify impairment sources before they negatively impact service levels and end-user quality of experience.

"Deploying a new solution into the NetOps framework requires a lot of time and presents many hurdles, such as where to deploy as well as getting the right traffic fed to the right unified communications tool. This partnership enables the best holistic monitoring solution for NetOps teams," said Yigal Amram, Vice President, Sales and Business Development. 

"Connecting probes to the key traffic monitoring points is always challenging," said Alan Clark, Telchemy CEO. "Integrating SQprobe into Niagara Networks' packet broker provides a solid solution to this problem."

The combination of Niagara Networks visibility solution and the Telchemy® SQprobe application enables NetOps teams:

  • Holistic end-to-end Unified Communications (UC) monitoring, troubleshooting and analytics
  • UC deep packet analysis, troubleshooting and performance visibility across East-West and North-South physical and virtual networks – including encrypted traffic flows
  • Simplified deployment as a single platform with field-proven interoperability
  • Reduced time to action to detect UC faults and performance bottlenecks

For more information, please read the joint solution brief and contact us @Niagara

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Zeev Draer