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March 14, 2024
FREMONT, Calif., March. 14, 2024   -- Niagara Networks™, a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneers the award-winning Open Visibility Platform™, announced today a new partnership with CLICO, a Value-Added Distribution leader in the CEE region. This strategic partnership with CLICO will help support the increasing demand for Niagara Networks products throughout the channel program and improve customer access to Network Visibility solutions prevalent in today's modern infrastructure.

"Niagara Networks is empowering its expansion strategy in the CEE markets, and we are delighted to collaborate with CLICO, one of the top IT distributors in the region. By partnering with an industry-leading distributor like CLICO, we can expand our reach to help significantly more organizations get visibility into their networks and digital assets. CLICO portfolio aligns seamlessly and strategically with our solutions and will enable strong synergy to meet organizations' digital transformation demands." – said Yigal Amram, VP Global Business Development and Sales, Niagara Networks.

"We are confident that this partnership with Niagara Networks will be extremely beneficial, given the growing cyber security needs in our target market. Niagara Networks' hybrid and multi-functional visibility solutions help businesses achieve end-to-end visibility with increased security, enabling them to gain actionable insights into network traffic without compromising on speed, reliability, or performance. We believe that this collaboration will strengthen our overall IT solutions offering and help us deliver even greater value to our partners and customers." - said Bartosz Winiarski, Sales Director, CLICO.

As part of Niagara Networks' global strategy, investing in partnerships with unique expertise is paramount. The combination of its Channel Partner Program and the Open Visibility Platform Technology Partners Program, enables a unique alternative for the right trusted advisor to form a world-class cybersecurity solution.

About Niagara Networks Niagara Networks™ is a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneers the Open Visibility Platform™ to bring desperately needed agility to network security.  Niagara Networks provides high-performance, high-reliability network visibility and traffic delivery solutions for the world's most demanding service provider and enterprise environments. Niagara Networks solutions are installed in the world's most prominent networks, empowering Security and Network Operations Centers (SOC/NOC) with end-to-end visibility and actionable traffic intelligence across physical and virtual networks. For more information, visit

 About CLICO
CLICO has been operating on the advanced technology market since 1991, effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of world market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We specialize in the areas of security, networking and management. From the very beginning, the company set itself a clear strategy of value-added distribution (VAD), understood in a way that goes far beyond the common interpretation of this concept. Using over 30 years of experience, it educates the market, offering, in addition to the best products of the world's leading manufacturers, a comprehensive set of consulting, educational and auditing services, which supports all types of organizations in the process of improving cybersecurity in the areas of IT, OT and IoT.

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