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Niagara Networks Launches the New SDN Network Visibility Management Solution

June 28, 2017
Las Vegas, NV – This week at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Niagara Networks, a leader in network visibility solutions, announced the launch of a new network visibility management and control solution - the Niagara Visibility Controller (NVC).
Niagara Visibility Controller is a centralized management application that leverages software-defined network (SDN) architecture and OpenFlow protocol to provide an enterprise-wide managed visibility layer. With the NVC, the user can interact with multiple devices as a single virtual switch fabric, and at the same time integrate with the customer’s wider management orchestration needs.
The network visibility layer has evolved through the convergence of two trends in the network and IT worlds. On one hand, IT managers have been increasing the breadth and depth of their network visibility deployments from single-device solutions to multi-device, multi-site deployments. On the other hand, the ubiquity of network services and applications has been mushrooming to encompass increased levels of sophistication and complexity involving monitoring, performance management and security.
Niagara has been following this industry trend and through customer surveys identified an increase in the challenges in managing network visibility devices including the user’s workload, time spent on configurations, and risk from errors in the process.
This knowledge led Niagara Networks to shift from the customary management solution of simply "extending" an existing single device manager solution to multiple devices, to a new product design and development process focused on the challenges and methods of managing multiple devices and network services.
The NVC’s advanced abstraction layer enables the creation of an intelligent, dynamic and responsive network visibility layer – one that interacts with the network services in real-time. The abstraction layer also serves to hide the complexities associated with managing and configuring the visibility layer, thus increasing the ease-of-use. "The advanced abstraction layer opens new opportunities in service creation and service management. Moreover, by increasing the ease-of-use, we are reducing the probability for errors and the time and effort to manage the network visibility layer", stated Yoram Ehrlich, Director of Products.
"We are pleased with the strong interest in the market for our visibility control manager that addresses customer needs and is easy-to-use. We have already received initial orders from leading companies in the Software Security, Banking, and Service Provider industries", said Shay Morag, Global VP of Sales.
For pricing and availability of the Niagara Visibility Controller, contact Niagara’s sales team at
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