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April 13, 2022

San Jose, California – April 13, 2022 -- Niagara Networks™, a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneers the award-winning Open Visibility Platform™, announced today a distribution agreement with Inflow Technologies a value-added distributor and authorized professional services provider for top-tier cyber-security solutions in India.

India is a growing market for technology products since there is a large user base segment that needs updated solutions. Security is paramount for all businesses hence this synergy works for such new product entries. Niagara Networks offers a broad range of network visibility solutions that maximize pervasiveness and cost-effectiveness in monitoring, managing, and securing network resources. Niagara Networks' field-proven technology ecosystem with the world's largest cybersecurity vendors, enables the channel partners to provide the needed agility to network security. Many partners have found their hands tied when asked to provide a cost-efficient, high-quality alternative to the incumbent network visibility vendors.

"Niagara Networks is empowering its expansion strategy in the Indian market and we are delighted to collaborate with Inflow Technologies, one of the top IT distributors in the region. We are entering into this partnership with a shared vision to help the customers achieve packet-level visibility with the help of Niagara's top-of-the-line products, which will in-turn assist in achieving enhanced cyber security.", Karan Bhatla, Regional Sales Manager, SAARC region. 

“We consider this association with Niagara Networks' suite of products extremely potential with increased cyber-security transactions and needs in the Indian context more so in the last two years. Niagara Networks hybrid and multi-functional visibility products help businesses to achieve end-to-end visibility with increased security quotient that empowers actionable traffic intelligence across the network without compromising on speed, reliability, and seamless performance.” 
said Rajesh Kumar, Vice President of Business Technology Unit, Inflow Technologies Pvt Ltd.

As part of Niagara Networks' global strategy, investing in partnerships with unique expertise is paramount. The combination of its Channel Partner Program and the Open Visibility Platform
Technology Partners Program, enables a unique alternative for the right trusted advisor to form a world-class cybersecurity solution.

About Niagara Networks
Niagara Networks™ is a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneers the Open Visibility Platform™ to bring desperately needed agility to network security.  Niagara Networks provides high-performance, high-reliability network visibility and traffic delivery solutions for the world's most demanding service provider and enterprise environments.

Our solutions are installed in the world’s most prominent networks, empowering Security and Network Operations Centers (SOC/NOC) with end-to-end visibility and actionable traffic intelligence across physical and virtual networks.


About Inflow Technologies:

Inflow Technologies was founded in the year 2005 and is headquartered in Bangalore. A niche player in the IT Distribution Services market in India / South Asia. Inflow Technologies addresses the growing needs of organizations to manage and secure information more effectively and intelligently. The team at Inflow Technologies are well-versed with the latest and the most powerful technologies available today for locating, organizing, managing, retrieving, analyzing, protecting, and presenting the information.

Being a VAD (Value Add Distributor) we cater to Cyber Security, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Networking, Automatic Identification, and Data Capture & POS, Infrastructure & Application Software, Storage Management, Electronic Security products & related Services in South Asia.

We have direct relationships with 40+Global Technology vendors, and have a strong channel of 2300+ partners, offering one or more solutions to 7000+ end customers. Learn More:


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