Press Release

Niagara Networks New 3299 Modular Bypass Solution Offers High Density, Aggregation, and Exceptional Functionality

August 29, 2018

SAN JOSE, CANiagara Networks, delivering complete network visibility for seamless administration of security, performance, and monitoring, announces the release of the 3299, a high density 1GbE bypass and active tap multi-functional modular solution.

The 3299 allows small-to-medium enterprises (SME) as well as large enterprises with remote branch offices to handle ever-increasing network traffic loads with complete flexibility, delivering the capacity for quick and easy upgrades in a single box.

A new addition to Niagara Networks BypassP2 product line, the 3299 offers 1GbE bypass and active tap versatility and multi-functionality. The 3299 rackmount supports up to six full bypass segments in three dual-segment bypass modules. Customers can mix copper or fiber (SM or MM) modules according to their networking needs. The 3299 is also available in a table-top form factor.

The 3299 makes 10GbE uplinks available for aggregation of tap link outputs, reducing the number of uplinks. The uplinks support tunneling protocols; by using fewer uplinks, users reduce points of failure as well as total cost of deployment. Utilizing a common switch fabric backplane enables easy support for active and standby deployments as well as replicating and regenerating tapped network links to multiple appliances.

Another unique feature is the “super copper” mode of operation. In this mode, the number of tapped links on the 10/100/1000 copper module is doubled, and an all-copper fully populated 3299 will support up to 12 network links, where tap monitor output is available via the dedicated four 10GbE aggregation ports.

“The new 3299, supporting one of the highest 1GbE link densities available on the market today, complements our wide-ranging bypass switch product line. It’s an ideal solution for monitoring and security in a wide variety of use cases and deployments,” said Yoram Ehrlich, VP products, Niagara Networks. “The release of 3299 reinforces our commitment to making network layer visibility benefits more accessible to the midsize enterprise market.”

About BypassP2 product line

The BypassP² product line encompasses all of Niagara’s Bypass Switches. Our signature BypassP² offers double-protection bypass technology. It provides a fail-safe optical/copper relay on network ports and user-configurable heartbeat-generated packets on appliance ports. BypassP² is available in multiple bypass segment options, supporting a range of network interfaces up to 100Gb. All products based on BypassP² can serve as multi-functional active tap and bypass.

About Niagara Networks

Niagara Networks provides high performance network visibility solutions to allow seamless administration of security solutions, performance management, and network monitoring. Its products deliver significant advantages in terms of network operation expenses, downtime, and total cost of ownership. Niagara Networks offers all the building blocks for an advanced Visibility Adaptation Layer at all data rates up to 100Gb, including taps, bypass elements, packet brokers and a unified management layer. Thanks to its integrated in-house capabilities and tailor-made development cycle, Niagara Networks is agile in responding to market trends and in meeting the customized needs of service providers, enterprise, data centers, and government agencies.